Excellence in Service


About Us

Selolo Tlou Incorporated. is a black legal entity founded in 2007 by Tlou Selolo. The company operates in South Africa, and provides specialized legal services to a diverse audience/market. Selolo Tlou Inc. skills set and expertise are widespread as the market it services. At Selolo Tlou Inc, clients are treated on an individual basis regardless of the relatedness of their matters. Our approach to each matter in informed by the merits of that specific case; hence our slogan – “Inclusive Justice Tailor-Made for Each One”. Selolo Tlou Inc. is a renowned legal and professional company, with its entire fabric furnished with a deep understanding of South African law. Our current success, ongoing consistent solid service to our client base and the prospects of future growth, is well attributed to the company’s founder and the wealth of partnering great professionals and other entities. It’s common course that skills unlock doors to destinies that leaders aim at; therefore, the path that Selolo Tlou Inc, as an entity, is embarking on and the achievements along the way, serve as cornerstones to the confidence and the resilience of the company. This is attributed to the richness of the company’s human resource capital. The passion for professional representation of our clients resonates strongly in the robust outcomes that generally achieve when settling matters.



Our Vision

Anything that has been proved to be static and consistent in generally, and in the part 20 years in particular, is the concept of change. Change has featured and is a guaranteed event politically, socially, economically, and otherwise. It is therefore our vision to be part of both major and minor changes that keep encroaching our society in years ahead. Selolo Tlou Inc. will own its memorial remembrance monument in the South Africa tomorrow – particularly in the legal fraternity. 

Mission Statement

Serve as a benchmark of uprightness, ethical and legally principled black entity. “Inclusive Justice Tailor-Made for Each One”. 


• Commitment to the advancement of basic human rights
• Commitment to cooperation with stakeholders
• Passion for justice and integrity
• Uphold the principle of individual client-oriented solution/service